What is Palmwood?
Palmwood® is an advanced material for 21st Century architecture. Its exceptional strength underpins the impressive ecological credentials making it the perfect substitute for tropical hardwood timber.
Coconut sprout

Pacific Green developed Palmwood following 25 years research and development into coconut palms and several processing breakthroughs. Production is a low-tech, environmentally-sustainable process. Senile coconut palm trees are harvested. The density of the stem governs whether it is cut into planks and sticks or simply machined into a gunbarrel-straight column. These are then stacked to air-dry (for 2-3 months - depending on location). At the end of this cycle, the material is 'cooked' in a self powered kiln and is then ready to shape and sand.

The coconut wood is impregnated with a non-toxic, oil-borne preservative to add stability and longevity, while making it resistant to termites and borers, as well as mould and wood rot. The finishing process utilises natural plant oils. As a result, Palmwood® is suitable for both interior and exterior environments, in wet and dry climates.


Palmwood can be laminated, shaped, drilled, or screwed. Palmwood also has the tremendous advantage of being free from knots and other blemishes.

Finished Palmwood is a luxury material for modern houses and buildings. And it is visually striking, with a textured appearance and a deep golden sheen.

Palmwood® is a registered mark to signify material produced by Pacific Green.

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