Product Range

This is a list of the standard Palmwood® products. If you have additional requirements, we are able to produce to brief.

All products are air and kiln dried, impregnated with wax and finely sanded, before being finished with natural oil. Lacquer finish is also available.

Palmwood® has been tested for strength, durability and fire resistance.

Interior & Exterior

Applications Screening to create privacy, partitioning and shade.
Product Range Fixed, sliding, mobile and concertina screens. Variations include:
•Thick: Ideal for neighbour screens
•Thin: Look spectacular as a feature wall
•Long: Ideal for mobile room dividers
Feature partitions, gates and doors.


Applications Structural frameworks and free-standing columns.
Product Range Gunbarrel straight cylinders. The strongest shape in nature
Semi-circular and quarter ripped columns also available

Wall Cladding

Wall Cladding Exterior
Applications Exterior decoration and weather protection.
Product Range Rainscreen cladding and weatherboarding, in lengths up to 3 metres.
Finishes Square dressed with polished face.

Wall Cladding

Wall Cladding Interior
Applications Interior panelling and decoration.
Product Range Internal wall linings and skirtings.
Finishes Laminated boards with a smoothly sanded face.


Flooring Internal
Applications Hardwearing flooring surfaces needing no chemical coatings.
Product Range We specialise in butt-jointed country-style solid floorboards as well as tongue-and-groove.
Finishes Square dressed with polished face and arrised edge.


External Flooring
Applications Hardwearing flooring surfaces needing no chemical coatings.
Product Range Decking in lengths up to 3 metres.
Finishes Surface is flat or grooved. Surface edges are rounded.

Other Products

Other Products
Applications Pacific Green also manufactures polished architraves, fascia boards, laminated panels, louvres, lattices, floor mats, gates stair treads, counter and feature tops.

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