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    Masdar, Abu Dhabi

    Masdar is the world’s first carbon-neutral and zero-waste city, designed by leading international architects Foster + Partners. Residents and commuters enjoy the highest quality of life with the lowest environmental footprint. The city is powered entirely by solar energy, and several sustainable technologies were pioneered as a model for future buildings.

    For the Masdar project, Pacific Green worked with the architects to produce over 200 external Palmwood® architectural facades and features, specified for their environmental credentials and aesthetic appeal. Eight gates at the entrance routes act to filter the hot desert winds; 4-metre tall screens channel cooling air currents through the internal corridors and help to dissipate sunlight; and external louvers provide shade to exposed classrooms and glazed areas. Palmwood’s durability makes it suitable for the desert setting.

    Masdar won the International Award for architectural excellence of the Royal Institute of British Architects in 2011.

      Palmwood House, London

      Palmwood House, built in the riverside district of Battersea, set a benchmark for responsible design in urban regeneration. The design by architects Undercurrent was energy and emissions efficient, using recycled and sustainable materials. Local conservation regulations required the house be built with wood. This called for a hard, durable wood suitable for the British climate, but without the ethical drawbacks of conventional hardwoods. Palmwood® was chosen to give a rich, exotic look that contrasted with the urban setting - something distinct for the London market.

      Palmwood House was awarded Building of the Year in 2010 by the local government and was shortlisted for an award by the Royal Institute of British Architects and featured in the prestigious 1000x European Architecture book.

        World Fair 2010, Shanghai

        Pacific Green was invited to participate at the Shanghai World Fair, celebrating diversity and excellence from around the globe.

        To demonstrate the architectural applications of coconut trees, a Palmwood Pavilion was built, creating an exotic and exciting ambience to draw curiosity and public awareness of this innovative material.

        The design is inspired by an oasis of palm trees providing respite from the environment and evoking a state of relaxation. Its lofty canopy roof and layered enclosure of tall pillars provided sheltered, open interiors for an estimated 6 million visitors to the Pavilion. The structure consists of lathed Palmwood columns, filigree steel arches and translucent stretched fabric, and has since been adapted for use as a permanent shade canopy, colonnade, tent, marquis and freestanding building for uses worldwide.

          Walworth Studios, London

          Walworth Studios is a prototype live-work space on an inner-city industrial site next to a 19th Century train viaduct.

          The design works with the principles of regeneration and reuse of waste land, combined with sustainability and unique material applications.

          External features were designed to complement the industrial heritage of the locality, with Palmwood® cladding softening the building facades like timber railway sleepers cushion passing trains. The warm brown tones of Palmwood harmonise with the rust-oxide coloured steel frame and forms a striking relationship that helps the building stand out even when dwarfed by towering City neighbours.

          Walworth Studios is one of 10,000 arches dissecting London's neighbourhoods, thus a model for similar regeneration initiatives across the city.

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