Environmental Credentials
Tree of Life

Pacific Green's methods are totally environmental conscious and ecologically sustainable. The production of Palmwood is both economical and practical because it permits indigenous communities to re-plant acreage with young fruit bearing palm trees and other crops thus beginning the lifecycle of land regeneration.

Nothing is wasted from the process, everything is used... Even the nitrogen-rich sawdust and wastage is used as a fertiliser for agricultural land.

There is nothing virtual about Palmwood ...it's the real thing, proving why the peoples of the South Pacific call coconut the 'tree of life'.


Pacific Green's charter is to recycle senile coconut palms into beautiful consumer products. Palmwood® has been certified Rainforest Safeā„¢ by Rainforest Relief. Greenpeace cites Palmwood as a sustainable wood source. We have advised the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization on its study on coconut palm stems and been invited to address the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) on our social charter.

FSC Certification

The industry standard for accreditation for conventional wood products is the Forestry Stewardship (FSC). However, Palmwood® is NOT a wood... the coconut palm (cocos nucifera) is in fact a grass. Accordingly, coconut is classified as an agricultural species, and not as a forestry species, so does not pertain to the FSC. If it did pertain, Palmwood® would exceed standard expectations.

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